About me

Ed Post, zakelijk tekenaar

Creativity flows through my veins, whether it is through drawing, photography, or facilitating teams. I have recognized the power of the image as a way to make complex ideas more accessible to others. My world is all about breaking through ingrained patterns, stimulating the imagination and inspiring people to explore new perspectives.
I have developed myself into a versatile professional. As a project leader, process supervisor and facilitator, I am goal-oriented and flexible. I strongly believe in the power of creative thinking and innovation. Taking several courses in Business Drawing  was a turning point, allowing me to sharpen my visual skills and make an even greater impact in my work.


Visual power for business success.

In my role as a business illustrator, I strive to not only make drawings, but to tell stories. Stories that enrich dialogue, encounters and ideas. You understand that the impact of visuals does not stop when the meeting ends; they can be used as powerful communication tools and valuable online content.

I am someone who understands and harnesses the power of imagination, and I enjoy sharing this power with others. I am a pioneer in the field of visual facilitation, someone determined to show the world that images can not only complement words, but often surpass them in their ability to inspire, inform and connect.

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